What We Do

We focus on Halal F&B, high quality hospitality and investment company.

Unclezam Holding Berhad is a company that manufacture its very own Food & Beverages products, Boutique Hotel and Capsules with the best hospitality, Investco and etc.

UZ Food Berhad

We produce Halal products including Frozen Food, Airlines Food, Catering and Airline Catering that supplies catering’s food to the top airlines including Qatar Airways, Malaysia’s very own Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Malindo Airlines.

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Our mobile apps offers the best new way for burger sellers to run their business and the easiest way to find burger stall around you.

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Dr Silica Sdn Bhd

Dr Silica Sdn Bhd is the first company to export Dr. Silica Water from Kirishima mountain, Japan to the world. Dr Silica Sdn Bhd has right exclusive to marketed in five countries namely Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei Darussalam.

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Unclezam Frozen Food Network Sdn Bhd

Premium frozen foods products with delightful taste. It’s scrumptiousness is definitely a pleasing to your taste.

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Gobble Shopper Berhad

Gobble Shopper Berhad is Malaysia's special premier multi-partner consumer rewards programmed solely on PTPTN borrower for the initial.

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UZ Hotel Berhad

UZ Hotel Berhad is a hospitality industry that focuses on syariah-based boutique hotel and capsules hotel.

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Hotel Zamsaham

A World Stock Market Boutique Hotel located in Senai, Johor, Malaysia, in an extreme stategical area within short walk distance to Senai International Airports and is surrounded with many accommodations like shopping malls, restaurants, theme parks and etc.

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Zamsaham Training & Consultancy

Zamsaham Training & Consultancy will expose you to the real world of stock. We provide many service and consultancy to help you master the stock market like Intro and Advance to Master Stock Market Class and one special class; Master Road to IPO. Join Zamsaham and his secret to reach IPO today!

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Zamburger (M) Sdn. Bhd

Our retail franchise, Ah Mart is a wholesale and burger supply store.

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